Introduction to CBS

One of the main aims of CBS is to complete the organ system of statistical work and the unified Sudan's Comprehensive keep pace with modern developments in all different walks of life and unites the standards and concepts, definitions and statistical terminology and the evolution of a comprehensive information system as a tool for planning and development in all fields .

Historical development of the device

In 1903 the interests of Statistics ( CBS currently ) was a division of the Customs Department and its primary function preparation of foreign trade statistics .

By the year 1932 - Statistics Section was turned this into what was known as the Economic Commission .

In 1934 turned to the Department of trade and economy.

In 1953, he separated the Department of Statistics for the benefit of trade and economy, and this section has become the interest of independent stand-alone knew the interests of statistics and keep track of the Ministry of Social Affairs at the time, and in November 1958 became a subsidiary interest statistics for the presidency of the Council of Ministers .

In 1969 was the establishment of the Ministry of Economic Planning and the decision was made dependency interest to this ministry statistics .

On November 6, 1995 decision was the establishment of the Council of Ministers of the Central Bureau of Statistics and the dependence of the master / Minister of Finance and National Economy .

In 2000 turned to be dependant to the Council of Ministers and still even now .

Latest News

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    Visit of a delegation from the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics


    Chinese delegation has arrived for a visit to Central Bureau of Statistics, the delegation composed of four members

    Mr.  Xian Zude  who is  the Head Statistician of Chinese National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

     Mr.   Lei Pingjing who is

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    Census Data Dissemination Conference


    The first Natioal Conference for the dissemination of the fifth census data was held at the Friendship Hall, 18 to 21 July 2011

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    Launching of Sudan statistical System strategy


    Minister of the Ministry of the Council of Ministers has been Issued a decision to form the National Committee for data producers and data users on June 13, 2012
    After reviewing the recommendation of Mr. / Director General

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    Training on Website and statistical data managment at CBS


    A five day training on statistical data management and building of statistical website, from 18 - 24 Oct 2010, at CBS

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    The Director General of CBS and his team were received by His Excellency the Vice President


    Within the framework of the activities of the National Strategy for the Development of Statistics, the Director General of CBS Dr.Yasin Elhag Abdin and his team were received by His Excellency the Vice President of the Republic Dr. El Hajj

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» Sudan Foreign Trade by Country Groups for the years 2000 to 2010 (2,045 KB) 50,751
» Evaluation and Adjustment of the 2008 Census Data (580 KB) 3,073
» Sudan Foreign Trade Statistics Summary 2000 - 2009 (1,335 KB) 842
» Disability (5,361 KB) 809